About Lehisvada

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What is Lehisvada?

Members receive a four-page pamphlet in their email every day or booklets by mail once in 2 weeks ahead, discussing one topic in the daily daf that can be read at home or at the office at any time of day. The simple and concise language will make it easy to read even to those who are unfamiliar with the topic.

For those who cannot commit to reading the daily pamphlet, there is also a daily shiur available in audio and video by a renowned maggid shiur who will bring the daf to life in an irresistible manner. With selection of languages, The shiur lasts 25/10 minutes and provides a world of knowledge and a taste for Torah that will truly bring life to the words טוב לי …תורת פיך.

Which other benefit’s does Lehisveda offer?

Are you lacking clarity in the day’s daf? Do you have unresolved questions on the topic that is under discussion? No worries! You can get on Lehisvada’s website at any time and submit a question to the Rabbis on the board who will provide answers and clarity. There is no limit to the amount of questions that can be submitted. We will spend as much time as necessary to ensure you get satisfactory answers.

You are never alone. We bring the Beis Hamedrash wherever you are. On the Lehisvada website, there is a forum where you can join a conversation with other participants who are learning the daf with unmatched enthusiasm. You can chat, discuss, argue and dissect the daf the way you would do in a regular Beis Hamedrash.

The daily topics will imbue your learning with such satisfaction, you will not want to stop. You will look forward to the daily shiurim with great anticipation and wonder about which subjects will be covered. Instead of filling your spare time with news and other trivialities, you will be on a constant journey of increased Torah study. When you will enter a shul to daven, you will look forward to joining any Torah conversation because you will be a part of it and it will make you feel at home.

The above-mentioned pointers are just the beginning, the full impact of Lehisvada cannot be fully described on text. It looks good when you read about it but that does not compare to how great it feels when you live it every day. Your chavrusa will not have to drag you out to learn because you will be so totally connected. click here to subscribe.

What are the membership prices?

Price for receiving by email is 4$ /month or 13$ /month for receiving the booklets by mail every 2 weeks ahead.

Who Are the rabonim behind the project?

Lehisvada was Instituted by Rabbi Aron Rubinfeld Shlit”a, Author of Toras hamitzvah, Toras Hakinyonim and more.

The project is strongly supported and recommended by gedolei hador Shlit”a Rav Chaim kanievsky shlit”a, Rav berel povarsky shlit”a, Noveminske rebbe zt”l and many more.